I mentioned this on Twitter this morning but felt it merited a second bit of exposure here.

This morning, Katie was watching the news and they mentioned how the pollen count this year is the worst it's been in decades. They went so far as to call it "pollengeddon."

I would like to, here and now, make a formal request for all news agencies -- TV, radio, print, and web -- to never again make up words that end in -geddon (meant to resemble "Armageddon"), -pacolypse (meant to be like "apocalypse"), or -ghazi (like "Benghazi").

The last one is the worst because people are turning a terrorist attack that killed many innocent people into a shameless way to attract readers or listeners.

It's old. Pollengeddon, snowpocalypse, and so many others.

Please just stop.

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Damn! I forgot -gate!!

Marty Mankins

No to any geddon, gate or ghazi. Just over them all and they have no place anymore. Now palooza... that's not so bad since it makes me think of music and concerts.


While it does make me think of music, I'm sick of others riding the coattails of the original. Only Lolla should be allowed to use it. 


AGREED. Also yes, yes it is so so bad. I stayed home from work yesterday because of all the damn pollen (scratchy throat, eyes, stuffed nose).


It's been hitting Katie pretty badly as well. Glad you're mostly okay. 

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