I just got a text alert from AT&T that I have used 75% of my monthly data allowance... A mere two weeks into this billing cycle.

How? Wha? I don't...

I looked in the settings on my iPhone and discovered that my iPhone was not connected to my home wifi network. It found a neighbor's signal and tried to latch on even though it was protected. And I wasn't alerted to this. I saw the wifi signal indicator in the top bar and it showed that I was connected, but I wasn't. Not really.

Through it all, Nathan was watching Thomas & Friends videos on YouTube... using my cellular data.

So network data is turned off for the next 16 days.

This is going to be brutal.

Especially since I have no wifi at work.

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Oh that is just cruel. Very, very cruel. :(



Suzanne Apgar

We got the same message from Verizon. I had downgraded from 3gb to 1 cause we weren't even using 1. Then all of a sudden this happens, so I added #2 for $10 and then asked for another for free and got it. They weren't gonna put it into effect until May 23 the next billing cycle, but I told them I needed it now, so they back-dated it. I don't understand how this happened. Seems like a conspiracy to me.


Wouldn't surprise me. 


For future protection, go to Settings -> Cellular and disable cellular data for all your video streaming apps.


I just did that last night. Thanks for the tip. 

Kevin Spencer

Same kinda thing happened to me because my phone repeatedly disconnects from the wifi at our house. Ended up just paying for unlimited data with T-Mobile as it was only $10 a month more.


If AT&T offered unlimited, I'd snap it up. 

Marty Mankins

Damn... that's brutal.

I had this happen, not to me, but to my wife's brother in law when he got a new phone on our AT&T plan. And we had 10gb shared at the time (now have 30gb, which gives a lot more breathing room, mostly for me). Turns out he never connected his phone to their home wifi. He was downloading his music and all sorts of stuff. Got 6gb into the 10gb for the month in the first 4 days of the billing cycle. I was watching the data like a hawk the rest of the month.


Having it be a shared plan makes it even worse as others are dependent upon it. My data plan is mine. I screw up and it only affects me. Thankfully. 

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