Floor, trois...

Some of you have asked how the flooring project has been coming and I'm very overdue on an update.

The floor install is done (Save for a transition piece by the back door) and all trim is in place, as well. This means we've moved furniture back in place and are living life mostly normally.

We still have some possessions in the garage and I haven't cleaned up my power tools or swept out the month's worth of sawdust from the garage. That's coming soon. We've just been trying to breathe a little.

But I do have pictures of the downstairs.


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May 8
I mentioned this on Twitter this morning but felt it merited a second bit of exposure here. This morning, Katie was watching the news and they mentioned how the pollen count this year is the worst it's been in decades....
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May 10
First, a big Happy Mother's Day to Katie, my mom, my grandma, my mother-in-law, and both my sisters-in-law. You all deserve a day 364 days a year. Second, Story Sunday really sucks. This is my second week in a row...


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Looks great!


Thank you!

Suzanne Apgar

You guys did a fantastic job!! You must be as proud of yourselves as we are!!


We are. Thanks!

Marty Mankins

Looking really good. I like the dark color and how it compliments the room and decor. I know that sounds all designer fancy, but it really does look great. Project well executed.


Thank you kindly, sir. 


Looks fantastic!!!


Thank you!


It looks really great! I bet that really freshened up the place! :)


Oh god yes. Katie and I can't believe it's the same house. 

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