I'm lying on the floor after a tickle fight with Nathan.

He has moved on to other things. I'm still lying here.

Since I'm on the floor, I could easily do sit-ups.

Sit-ups require effort.

Effort is the domain of overachievers.

I am nothing if not a proud achiever.

Sit-ups be damned.


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May 11
Ha ha. See what I did in that title? It’s funny. Or not. Katie reported to me today that Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is clearly feeling secure in his future here in Chicago. Why? Because he and wife Kristin...
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May 13
Mommy is out at a movie with Auntie Jen. Nathan is thoroughly preoccupied with his trains. What's Daddy doing? Something he hasn't done in more than half a decade. Watching The Empire Strikes Back. [art courtesy of MikeLuv80 on DeviantArt]...


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Pfffffffffffffffffft sit-ups. Lying on the floor doing nothing > Sit-ups



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