Ha ha. See what I did in that title? It’s funny. Or not.

Katie reported to me today that Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is clearly feeling secure in his future here in Chicago. Why? Because he and wife Kristin Cavallari announced today that she is pregnant with their third child.

First off, I am happy for them. A big family is what they want, so congrats to them!

Honestly, though, three children is not really a big deal in the world of pseudo-celebrity. But let's give this a little perspective, shall we?

Their first son was born August 8, 2012, a mere one month and 11 days prior to Nathan. Number two was born May 7, 2014. Without knowing the due date of kiddo trois, let's assume nine months from now (although I'm sure she's further along than that). That's February 2016. That's three kids in only three and a half years.

I cannot even begin to fathom that. Poor Kristin's uterus is never going to recover. She's his Pez dispenser.

You've also gotta wonder how we, as Chicago Bears fans, can harnass the productivity level apparent in the Cutler bedroom out on the gridiron. C'mon, Jay! You've clearly got the moxie!

You've got several years left on your contract, Jay. How about one Super Bowl win per kid?

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Hopefully they are not pulling a Duggar family tradition of incessant child reproduction.


Unless they plan to start a football team. 

Suzanne Apgar

I am firmly convinced that the reason Michelle Dugger wears long skirts is because her uterus is hanging down around her knees!!


I can't erase that image. Thank you. 

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