I am officially two Story Sundays behind my weekly schedule.

I've taken a couple photos that might be interesting but the stories I develop in my head sound the same as all the ones I've already written. That's one trap into which I didn't want to fall... repetition.

But I can't come up with much else. And I loathe being forced to write something when I have nothing of interest to contribute.

Would you all be heartbroken if I drove a stake in the heart of this soul-sucking goal? Maybe I'll just write these photo flash fictions as I'm inspired. But feeling forced is not a good way to try to keep it going and be happy about it, is it?

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Jun 7
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Jun 9
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Kazza the Blank One

Forcing yourself to do something will only make you hate that something and not want to do it. Just do it as inspiration takes you.


Thank you for that. 

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