Are things looking a little, er, different around here these last couple of days?

Yup, I launched another new design. Yesterday.

I know, I know, it's only been a half a year since the last redesign. Admittedly, while I liked the functionality of it, the lack of visual oomph had me feeling a bit low. Grayscale can do that to you.

So I used Typepad's recently launched Nimble Design Lab to create another mobile-first blog design. "Mobile first" of course means "totally responsive to screen size of the device on which it's viewed." I did this the last time as well but wound up with a bunch of gray color shades.

Now I have a few more colors, a background pattern, some cool fonts (the titles use something called "Architect's Daughter" as a font; no idea why it's named that way). I also eliminated that photo widget for Story Sunday since I'm no longer doing it and scaled back the number of online services listed in the sidebar.

I may play with the banner. Get something with a photo or two. But I need to figure out how this particular responsive design works with photo banners. I'm hoping it scales down instead of cutting off, but I'll have to play and see.

So what do you think? A bit happier than the last one?

Note: Apparently the company that hosts my domain was subjected to a DDoS attack this morning. Everything should be okay now. But, just in case you're having problems viewing my site, try it at the old Typepad address. Of course this note is only valid if you're reading this site via RSS reader because, if the domain is still down, you're not going to be reading this right off the site, now are you?

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I like it!


Thank you!


I love it!! (And I can read this on your site as well as through RSS feed.)


Both big wins! Thanks. 

Marty Mankins

I really like the new design. And reading this from the site.


Thank you kindly!

david Couch

Nothing to do with this...but I'm trying to see if I could use your awesome dodgeball jpeg for some shirts. My and 5 retired guys and gals here in Pensacola are playing in a tournament and would love to use iton our shirts. I need your approval for Customink to do it. Thanks David


David, I wish I could but it's not my graphic either. It was designed by a screenprinter I know. So it's his intellectual property. Sorry. 

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