2016 Goals...

I can't believe I have to write another set of these already. 2016 is less than a day and a half away! Yikes!

So, I guess, here goes. Sorry, not much will change.

  1. Kevin's Pages: Read 12 books and 12 Hellboy graphic novels. The total count is down, but my reading really slowed in the second half this year so I don't want to aim too high.
  2. Katie's Pages: Katie has decided to increase her goal to 42 books. Over achiever. I could only hope.
  3. Macro Monday: I miss this. So it's time to try again. Hopefully it fares better than Story Sunday in 2015.
  4. Aural Fixation: One new band per month. I failed in this the last two months in 2015 but I felt kinda let down by music as a whole so it's time to remedy that.
  5. Kitchen Kreations: Katie wants to cook two new recipes and I will try baking a different loaf of bread each month. More good stuff like what you see down below!
  6. Walkabouts: Both of us will hold steady with our 12,000 steps per day average over the course of a month. I need to really kick this one in high gear this coming year.

Here's to a better 2016!

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Kevin's 7: Movies...

Dec 31
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Marty Mankins

I had to drop my reading list count. I was at 24 for my reading challenge and I read 4. I'm at 18 for this year.

I like the new band per month goal. Between you and Dave2, I can expand my listening of music.


Dave has a music goal?

Marty Mankins

No. Just his Audio15 list of albums that he posted. M


I haven't seen that one yet. Only his automation and bullets posts. 


I'm interested to hear about your bread baking. Always looking for new and delicious recipes for bread! Hope that one goes well.


So do I. I've baked before but not regularly. Hoping for a mix of straight oven and bread maker recipes. 

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