One of the first semi-social sites I ever used was Flickr, the photo sharing site.

I've been using it for 11 years now and, although I don't jump on regularly anymore (all my uploads are passive pushes from other services like Instagram), every so often I receive a notification that someone liked a photo, commented, or invited me to join a group. I love getting these notifications because I get reminded of photos I took many years ago of which I'd completely forgotten I snapped.

These, for example, which I took more than six years ago, tend to find an audience every year or so.

image from

image from

image from

It was a fun shoot I did with my friend Blake, the guy on the bike. He knew I was a photographer and he always wanted shots taken while riding the ramps of a local skate/bike park. I'd never snapped pics of this sort so I was more than willing to oblige.

If these were taken with a traditional film camera, I'd have forgotten about them forever. Being digital and uploaded to a photo sharing site, someone invariably finds them and reminds me they exist.

I love the Web.

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Feb 26
As of today, that Hyundai Sonata we bought what seemed like only a few months ago is now ours! I can't believe five years have passed since we got it. Dang. Where's my pink slip??


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But if you take them with a film camera now and have them developed, they also scan them for you, which means easy upload! ;)

These are great!


Then I also have to store the photos. Blech. I'm digital all the way.

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