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Feb 21
About a year and a half ago, I made a mental challenge to reach 50,000 tweets by July... 2015... so, um, that didn't happen. Things happen. I slowed down a bit mom Twitter, which makes reaching a goal that lofty...
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Feb 23
The other day, I was perusing the iOS App Store when I came across Serial Reader. The name and the promise of some assistance in getting my butt reading again was too much to pass up. The app basically eases...


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Kazza the Blank One

ok so last week's I never would have gotten.
This week's looks a lot like a can ring-pull thingie


Why would you have never gotten it? Don't have one as a reference point or too obscure a photo/subject?

Marty Mankins

Oh man, I was off last week.

This week is the soda can ring


Last week was tough, I admit.

Marty Mankins

Yeah. I almost guessed a drop of solder instead of a bead of mercury.


Both are cool guesses. Actually "hot" would be more appropriate given the material.

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