Macro Monday 2016.15...

It was a little confusing and some people were almost there with last week's Macro Monday challenge photo, but only a couple of Facebook friends actually got it.

It was one of those new-fangled inset cut keys. #MacroMonday

It's a key. One of those newer inset-cut keys that cost a ridiculous amount of money to recut if you ever lose one. So don't lose one.

Any idea on this next image?

Macro Monday 2016.15 #MacroMonday #takeaguess

See you next Monday.

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Marty Mankins

I was close with keyhole. So close.

This week... a wire filter... tough one this week.


What's a wire filter? You may wind up kicking yourself when you see what this one is.

Marty Mankins

I studied it a bit harder and I'd like to take a better guess. An ice cube (in an adult beverage).


Nothing organic.

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