TBT: Jinx...

As explained on Instagram, this is not a Throwback Thursday in that it's an old photo. It's a Throwback Thursday in that it's a new photo of an old item.

In this case, it's the collar and tag and bell that was worn by one of my cats, Jinx.

Jinx was put down shortly after Katie and I got married a little more than 14 years ago. She was the most loving cat in the world. She would just curl up on top of you or rub her face or back up against your face.

She was also not at all careful about how she walked. Whereas our other cat, Meatball, was very stealthy and careful with every step, Jinx would step on anything and step hard. Her paws were lethal weapons.

But you always knew when she was coming because of this collar and bell. It's very distinctive.

Nathan found this collar and has been shaking it around the house. It sounds like Jinx. I may not have seen her in nearly a decade and a half, but the sound still lives in the deep recesses of my long-term memory.

It's a good memory.


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Do you think you guys will get Nathan a pet at some point?


Only if it can be contained in a fishbowl or hamster cage. Since not having a pet, mine and Katie's allergies are horrible.

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