Macro Monday 2016.26...


Today, we took Nathan to see only his second in-theater movie, Finding Dory. The thought was that, by going to the first showing of the day on a Sunday, we might hit a church time or some such and the theater would be relatively empty.


This was the most packed theater I've seen in years. It topped Star Wars: The Force Awakens (of course we didn't see that until almost two weeks in). So, yeah, I was nervous as, during his first foray at a theater last year, he wanted to get up and walk around inside the empty theater halfway through. I still haven't seen Minions start to finish.

But this go-round, kiddo was awesome. Plain and simple. He sat through it all save for two bathroom breaks and he watched and seemed to enjoy the whole thing. He has a favorite character, even (Hank the Octopus).

Y'know what this means? MOVIES HAVE RETURNED TO OUR LIVES! Okay, sure they will all be kids movies, but they're movies!

I was worried this day would never come.

Oh, and Finding Dory was pretty awesome. Another Pixar tearjerker.



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So many animated movies now are better than the regular movies so this is a total win!


I agree and this was definitely one.

Marty Mankins

I loved Finding Dory. Such a great movie. And as with Nathan, Hank was my favorite character. Ed O'Neill voice was the perfect match.

Theaters packed on Sundays. We still have the "others in church" advantage here in Utah, although each year, we have more non-church going people showing up to theaters and restaurants on Sunday.

Small spoiler... did that truck scene remind you of the one in "Inception"?


I'm going to honest and say I don't really remember Inception all that well.

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