The other night, Katie and I started watching season 1 of the CW's Flash. As of tonight, we're three episodes deep and, I gotta tell you, I LOVE IT!

If you are a fan of Supergirl (formerly of CBS, currently of the CW), you will love this. These shows are practically doppelgangers of each other. They have a slightly more free-spirited feel than most superhero lore. They have exceptionally charming stars (Grant Gustin's Barry Allen/Flash to Melissa Benoist's Kara Zor-El/Supergirl) that aren't full of themselves to the point where it ekes out their pores on the screen.

You want them to win. But they don't always. And you keep cheering for them. And that's good!

Both shows have a lot of action and they are not afraid to get dark both visually and tonally.

Wanna know what else they have in common? Executive Producer Greg Berlanti.

According to Wikipedia, Berlanti got his start with Dawson's Creek, a show Katie loved. He also did Everwood and Jack & Bobby, two shows I've never seen but I know were fan favorites. He also did Brothers & Sisters that Katie also loved. And he did Eli Stone that we both loved. The dude is up-and-coming small screen royalty.

He gets people. He gets tangled emotions. He gets quick-witted dry humor. He gets... Superheroes!

Imagine that, someone who gets D.C. Comics superheroes. You may exit stage right, Zack Snyder. Make it quick, will ya?

I enjoy watching Grant Gustin as Flash. He's a really enjoyable actor tackling a role that could break, just as easily as make, him. Keep it up, man!



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