Macro Monday 2016.23...


It's official, our candidates for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

And I couldn't be more turned off than I am at this moment. Actually, give their rhetoric some more time and maybe I can, but you know what I mean.

The thing we all have to do now is figure out who to stand behind. It's been a long time since traditional party hardliners have been this polarized. But it's over, so get over it. Those who wanted Cruz or Sanders or Kasich or whoever else must perform a gut check and figure out who to support.

It’s time to sack up and vote.

But do note that if you are a Democrat who supported Sanders and hate Clinton as much as you hate Republicans, opting to not vote is the same as giving your vote to Trump. Plain and simple. The reverse goes if you were a Republican Cruz supporter and hate Trump as much as you hate Democrats.

What's it going to be? Will your party support win out over personal bias or vice versa?

This is gonna be interesting.


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They really do suck. It's quite meh (for a lack of a better term). Although I do have to say it really depends on which state (or District) you vote in. Some don't matter much because they always either go blue or red (DC for example always go blue - as in usually over 90% blue). It's only the swing states that really matter unfortunately (system is broken).

I'm a Bernie supporter and very much dislike Clinton (her severely hawkish policies that were implemented in the Middle East directly and negatively impact my family there so this is pretty personal for me). And you know how I feel about the Republican party (i.e., they need to just go away already). I'm honestly not sure what I'm going to do yet. I'll be honest, I might be one of those people who sits this one out.


You can't sit it out. It's your Constitutional responsibility to vote and, considering how mucked up this election is, it is NOT just about swing states anymore. I'm willing to bet a large number of the people who will be voting this year have never voted before. So traditional voting logic is a thing of the past.

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