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The toughest thing about drinking coffee is finding one that you are passionate about.

I've bought beans from any number of places in any number of varieties. I've done the same with K-Cups for our Keurig at home. I've also done similarly just in the number of places and drinks I've sat down and drank in their restaurants and bars.

Finding the one I love that balances well with cost is a neverending chore as a coffee drinker.

But I finally found one that I do really like a lot. I won't say "love" yet, but I am most of the way through a box of K-Cups and my affection has not waned.

Meet the joy that is Barista Prima Italian Roast.

My latest caffeine addiction

I found it at Bed, Bath & Beyond while shopping for a nice dark roast that I could use to make iced coffees, which are basically just Italian Roast coffee with water. Based on my training at Starbucks, they are named this because American servicemen in Italy during WWII found Italian coffee to be too heavy and watered it down. So they just started offering up Americanos to make it easier. I'm not one for watering down coffee, but iced coffees are fun to drink in the morning so I needed something dark and heavy and, if it's good enough for our Army, why not?

Funny thing, though, is that I started drinking it straight up when I ran out of other K-Cups for hot coffee and love it. Prefer it, actually.

That's good, right?



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Marty Mankins

Yes, that's a very good thing. We got a Keurig for Christmas last year. It's been nice for those mornings when we just want one cup of coffee. I love a good Italian roast. I will have to look for those K-Cups. For now, after we went through the 60 or so K-Cups that we bought, we've switched to the use your own ground coffee device, which works very well.


Let me know what you think.

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