I've been listening to the Millennial podcast a lot lately. Although it's targeted at 20-somethings, I find many of the lessons applicable to almost any generation of person currently engaged in the daily work grind.

In the most recent one I listened to, host/creator Megan Tan decides to take a leap from her 9-5 job and turn her passion project -- this podcast -- into a financially viable and sustainable business opportunity.

That got me thinking, has there ever been anything project-wise in my life that I would have ever wanted to take a chance on and try to turn into a business. I couldn't think of anything. I've considered trying to write a book, but I could never figure out just what to write or how to write it. And, honestly, that's about it.

Is that a sad admission? Is it bad that I've never felt that passionate about a project-oriented endeavor that I'd dare it all trying to monetize it? Or, for that matter, risk it all for that proverbial "dream job"?

Are you living your dream? Are you doing something you love? I'm just curious.


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No I don't think that's a sad admission at all. You have, from what I can tell, a pretty awesome life. I don't think we all have to create something big or run our own business or be entrepreneurs. We don't even have to have that "dream" job (which to be honest, I have no idea what that even means anymore).

I personally don't have a dream job. I don't think I ever will because well, I don't call sitting in an office in front of a computer all day my personal dream job. Besides, the way I view a job is something I go to for a certain amount of hours each day to be able to pay my bills and have health insurance. As long as I get along with my boss and coworkers, it's all good and I'm thankful for that.

What is the most important for me that I've come to learn is the time I spend with my friends and family. No job could ever replace the joy that comes from that.


Good points on all counts.

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