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Please grant me a post in which to get a little geeky. Well, even more geeky than normal. And hyper-analytical.

I have an issue with the character of Captain Phasma, played by Gwendolyn Christie in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's not a sexist issue in that I don't like a female leading an elite corps of soldiers. In fact, I was looking forward to her character the moment they announced that Brienne of Tarth (that's A Game of Thrones for you n00bs out there).

My issue is with how the script deals with her character.

Clearly she is a no-holds-barred, by-the-book, dogmatically loyal soldier. She would do anything to further the interests of the First Order. And I love that about her character.

So then why does she wind up in a garbage compactor? Alive.

Seriously, why does she allow Han, Chewie, and Finn to not only disarm her far too easily, but also threaten her life at gunpoint if she doesn't retract the shields on Starkiller Base? If she were the dedicated soldier she leads us to believe, she would have died before doing that. Putting her well-being ahead of the First Order is treasonous.

I had this argument with my brother-in-law. He stopped arguing.

What say you all?



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