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Over the weekend, we went into Home Depot to buy a garage organizer system. Pretty cool Gladiator Garage Works system.

It's normally something like $59.99. At least it was at Lowe's. Then we saw it was on sale for $43.99 at Depot. But their website had it listed at $36.99.

The kicker? The website said the special price was "online only."


Both are the same store, right? Both payments ultimately reach the same accounting department and pay the same expenses including operating costs, pay checks, benefits, and whatnot, right?

So why would one attempt to cannibalize the other? Why can't all the prices be the same or at least allow savvy buyers to match the prices? Can someone explain this?

Depot is not the only retail entity to do this that I've experienced firsthand. Walmart pulled it on me a couple of years ago and refused to accept their own website's lower price. I walked away from the sale. I bought it at Target. It was a buck or two more, but I didn't care. It was a matter of principle to me at that point.

We ultimately got the lower price at Depot. I told the register jockey that it was cheaper online and showed him the page on my phone but didn't let him see the part that said "online only." Just conveniently flicked past it. He overrode the price. We bought two kits. They shouldn't care.



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I have seen that too in so many places! I don't know why they do that. SO annoying. I'm really glad you showed him the price you saw online and he slashed the in-store price for you. Good for you! (Also I should try that next time should I really need something and find myself in the same situation.)


Yeah, why should we have to wait for it to be shipped to us? That's not convenient at all.


They didn't have the buy it and pick it up at the store option? I would have done that (had the request to adjust the price not worked).


Good thing to look for next time. Thanks!

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