Friday night... Swimming.

Saturday afternoon... Swimming.

We'd do Sunday, but it's supposed to be in the low 60s.

We may try for Monday as well after I get off jury duty for the day.

Based on the per-person/per-visit cost, I'm pretty sure we've already made up the cost of our season pass to the pool. That strikes me as pretty amazing. It took us nearly the whole summer last year. But Nathan was free way back then.

And Nathan is getting good at swimming. Damn good.



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Oh man I miss swimming SO much! I uh couldn't find a swimsuit to fit me in my current state so I have to wait till next summer....


"Current state"? Whatever are you talking about? ;-)

Marty Mankins

That's awesome to get that much swimming in. And that Nathan loves to swim.


And this past weekend we did none. Sad.

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