How many of you can say that you've made a near-to-late night run to the hardware store to buy a toilet?

Katie and I now can.

Earlier this evening, we disassembled the toilet in our powder room (I hate that name; does anyone actually "powder" in it?) because it had been badly clogged and nothing was reopening it. No chemicals. No snake. Nada. I thought the clog might actually be further down the out chute.

It wasn't in the pipe. It was still up in the toilet, but just a couple inches out of the snake's reach. I had to clean it by hand. And it was the nastiest thing I've ever done in my life. I have a whole new respect for plumbers.

I digress.

While cleaning it, I tilted it on its side so it was leaning up a little bit but so that the bowl was only a couple inches of the ground. It slid. But only barely tapped the tile floor. Then Katie groaned and said, "Well I guess we're getting a new toilet. The bowl had cracked and two large ceramic shards had separated from the rest of the bowl. No cracking sound whatsoever. Just nothing. If Katie hadn't been there to say something, I would've kept cleaning it out.

So we loaded up the bus and moved to Bev... er, Home Depot. We chose one and used the gift card I had just received and was going to use for a night out for Katie and me for a toilet. Joy.

But, if you know how big a box is for a toilet, it slid right into the backseat of Katie's new Hyundai Sonata without a problem and fit even with Nathan's carseat back there. Man, that car...

Within 20 minutes, or one episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines, it was all installed and running. Delta makes some seriously nice and easy-to-install toilets. They come with everything you need. I had to scrounge for tools to take out the old toilet, but installing the new one was a breeze.

And now we have a new toilet. Oy.



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Marty Mankins

It's 2016. Toilets should be a breeze to install. The late night run part of the story above was a fun read.


It's amazing how dummy proof Delta made it.

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