Macro Monday 2016.26...

Tu(n)esday: Widget...

Back in the day, I had a sidebar widget that displayed a handful of albums to which I was currently listening.

Okay, it was only a couple years ago, not "back in the day." But I've grown to miss it. More the interfacing with music, though, than how it looked and how big a pain it was to maintain.

I recently discovered that iTunes was offering widgets for a variety of link sharing and I finally got off my butt and played with it. The results are in the right sidebar (if you're checking this out on a tablet or larger) or below (if a smartphone). Or you can just look at the screen capture below.

My question, is it too much?

Do you like the album and playback functionality?

Is two albums too many?

Or do you have ideas for other widgets I can try out?



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