TBT: Hairy...


I've discovered that it's not only important to change into comfy clothes when you get home from work, but you should also change underwear.

Yeah, seriously! I've started changing underwear when I get home and it makes me feel infinitely better.

No, I do not wear just the underwear. I don't want to scar Nathan at this fragile age.

But, doesn't this dude who clearly doesn't mind scarring his kids look happy in his clean undies?

BTW, if I did wear just my undies, I'd totally look like this.

Yeah! No lie!



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Justin Scott

Ditto! I go one step further and take a quick shower. Wash away the daily office grind. Puts me in a totally different mindset.


Not a bad idea either although my wife might kill me as my morning showers are pretty long as it is. Hmm...


I think I would not be ok with Matt doing that because that is too much laundry piling up. Although he tends to come home from work, nap, go workout, and then shower (we both always shower before bed, we're not morning shower-ers). With his work day clothes + work out clothes (he goes to the gym A LOT), he already amasses a TON of laundry. And now we have a little poopy kiddo coming along which means more laundry...

I'm going to be buried in dirty laundry. I can just see it now.


Folding the little kiddo stuff is the worst. You'll pray for more of Matt's underwear by comparison.

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