I like to go through a cemetery near where I work when on my lunchtime walk. Why? Cemeteries are beautiful. Peaceful. Empty (of the living).

I always find something new.

One week, I saw a marker that had a baseball beside it. The next week it had another. Every time I went back, there were more.

A month later, a vase appeared and the baseballs moved inside.


Adjacent to the cemetery, sharing land that was gifted to the city, is a varsity baseball diamond for a high school team.  

It would seem that a lot of home runs sail out of that park. And, unlike in most cases, no one retrieved them. 

I imagine someone coming to pay their respects to the deceased and seeing a baseball resting nearby. Perhaps their loved one was a baseball fan, so they placed the ball by the marker, said their well wishes, she'd a tear or more, and left. 

After that, it just became "the thing" to do. Each time a home run left the diamond, it landed nearby and then became part of the permanent memorial. Maybe by the same visitor or another who saw what was happening and kept it going. 

Whatever the case, it's cool. And one of the places I like to visit. If I find a loose ball, yeah, I'll likely add it. 

Wouldn't you?

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Sep 26
I said to be specific with last week's challenge photo and you were. Several people got this pretty easily. I hope this one is fairly easy once you unplug your mind a bit. See you next week.
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Sep 28
This was easily my favorite social media exchange in a while. Sadly, it was on the Facebooger. Oh well. A little context first... My brother posted about being in attendance at the UFC 205 announcement at Madison Square Garden today....


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hello haha narf

that photo made me smile. just lovely.
thanks for sharing the story.
p.s. i really enjoy walking in cemeteries. peaceful and pretty, often full of wildlife. only once did i have an experience that freaked me out enough to make me leave immediately. and technically i wasn't even in the cemetery, i was just at the gate. it's been years and i haven't been back to that one.

Suzanne Apgar

That's really neat! In Asian cemeteries, you might find oranges on tombstones. I think I heard that it offers up a wish for a sweet trip to the beyond. I totally agree with your love of cemeteries. Where do you think you got that appreciation? Remember our trips to Lexington Cemetery--one of my all time favorites!!


Of course I remember. How could I forget?


I think there's a story that needs to be shared.

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