So the Republican National Committee cut off funding for mail marketing in support of Donald Trump? His own party won't be giving him money?


Do you still think he's a good person to run our country? I pray not. I hope that you will see the light and realize that no amount of "truth telling" could possibly legitimize this colossal asshat as a person who can run a lemonade stand let alone this country. 

If you still support him, let me give you a bit of that ol' Trump honesty right now... you're a fucking idiot

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Oct 7
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but that damn stick may bite me! Yeah, on my walk earlier today, I was checking my Fitbit when I nearly stepped on a stick. Clearly the stick didn't like my attempted assault...
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Oct 9
I've got nothing. So how about I wow you with photography? And I use "wow" very loosely.


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