This morning, we did something I haven't done in several years... we carved a Jack o' Lantern!

Nathan picked out the pumpkin and helped me sketch a face and then helped scoop out the guts. Well, about one or two scoops anyway before he was completely grossed out by it.




I'm really happy with how it turned out.


Oh, and then Katie roasted the seeds. YUM-MAY!



I think we're going to gut our huge pumpkin after Halloween and make more seeds. These are too fabulous to not make more.

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Oct 31
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Marty Mankins

Nice collaboration. I can't blame Nathan for being grossed out by the pumpkin slime. But roasted pumpkin seeds are yummy.


Especially when they've been brined. Yum!

Kevin Spencer

Heh, we did the same thing last weekend. Calista was also grossed out by the pumpkin innards so Dad here had to do the honors.


When did your little munchkin get to be so big??


Darned if I know. Good to see you back in the mix, BTW.


The look on their faces is pretty classic, though, isn't it?

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