Macro Monday 2016.41...

Do you know what "lenticular" means? Few know the word, but they do know what it means whether they realize it or not. 

It's the official name of those images that change when you shift the angle at which you look at it. 

In the case of the last Macro Monday challenge photo, it was a lenticular plate featuring Elmo. 


How about this one?


See you next Monday!

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Oct 9
I've got nothing. So how about I wow you with photography? And I use "wow" very loosely.
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Oct 11
I'm sorry I'm throwing another Trump v. Clinton post at you but, c'mon, how could I not? Hollywood couldn't write a more compelling tale of woe than the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign. But with how badly Trump's campaign is imploding...


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Marty Mankins

This week's could be either a solder point or a metal clasp of some sort.


Interesting guesses.

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