Macro Monday 2016.39...

September 2016 Goals...

This is the end of the third quarter and I'm feeling the pinch regarding my 2016 goals.

I'm pretty sure I won't be making my book reading goal. Still only at 6 of 12. Although graphic novels are at 11 of 12. Katie hit a roadblock this month and is still at 18 of 42. I'm not sure she'll hit it either. Oy. 

Macro Monday is one of my few shining points

I'm spinning my Aural Fixation goal in that I listened to a band I've known for many years but opted to check out their early albums when they were a mainstay of the early 80s Minneapolis post-punk scene. That band is Soul Asylum and, let me tell you, their early stuff is such a far cry from the popularly beloved Grave Dancers Union. Give a listen to Say What You Will, Clarence and While You Were Out. They're on Spotify and worth it. 


Katie crafted some good stuff in Kitchen Kreations. Namely mushroom merlot pork chops and pasta fagioli soup. Fantastic. But I haven't baked jack... in months. 

Finally, my Walkabouts improved to 11,135 average daily steps last month. My best since November 2015. Woo!

I need to read. A lot. 


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