As I drove down the lane, the final glints of light faded into an ethereal darkness. Although I was alone in my car, I was convinced I wasn't by myself. 

Have you ever had a similar feeling? Alone but not?

What if it was more than a feeling? Have you ever witnessed the source of that sensation? An actual, corporeal representation of your ill-at-ease?

I peered in my rear view mirror and saw it, er, him. He sat in my backseat. For quite a while, in fact. I said hello but he didn't respond. He didn't even look up to acknowledge me. I continued trying to gain his attention to no avail. 

I think two minutes must have passed. It may have been less. The surreality of the situation may have distorted time. 

I decided to try to acquire proof of this visit. 

When I was stopped at a red light, I unlocked my iPhone and snapped a picture. I didn't expect anything to come of it – they rarely do – but it worked. 


Unreal, right?

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Oct 22
The last time the Cubs were in the World Series, my dad was three months old. Seriously. And now... Four more Ws to go.
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Oct 24
I'm sorry, but I'm truly terrible with flower names so if you know the specific name of this challenge photo, let me know. This next one one should be fun! See you next Macro Monday!


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Suzanne Apgar

That's Nathan, isn't it?

Marty Mankins

Yeah, that's pretty real looking. An interesting reflection like object or figure.


I like it too.

hello haha narf



Pretty cool, eh?

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