I'm suddenly feeling as though I should stay put in Illinois and never visit another out-of-state city ever again.

The news of the wildfires in Gatlinburg and surrounding towns in Tennessee have been heartbreaking. I vacationed there with my parents and brother for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary some years ago. It was such a beautiful area and so much fun. It was where I made my first significant strides toward overcoming a nearly paralyzing fear of heights by forcing myself to go bungee jumping. I've wanted to take Katie there for some time now and we just never had. I guess we'll be waiting a while longer.

Then there was Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding of New Orleans, a city I visited twice and love immensely.

Nearly a year to the day after my last visit, the 9/11 terrorist attacks took down the World Trade Center towers in NYC changing the city forever.

I read a report yesterday predicting that Miami will be almost completely underwater by the year 2100.

The entire state of Colorado legalized marijuana! Well, that's only bad for some. Heh heh.

Donald Trump is moving into the White House in January! Mike Pence is already moving in.

What do all these places have in common? ME! I visited them all!

I can only imagine the hell that will befall places like Las Vegas, San Francisco, Maui, Orlando (does Adam still live there? If so, then that's already taken care of.), Boston, Lexington, and so many more!


Run if you see me! Don't turn around! Don't say hi! Just RUN! And put up walls around your towns with instructions to never let this man in!


Better yet, put up a wall around me! Box me in! Make Mexico pay for it!

Seriously, though, you'll get through this, Gatlinburg. Rise up, Volunteers.

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