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October 2016 Goals...

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I can't believe I finally made my step goal! The first time since exactly a year ago.

I also hit my graphic novel reading goal and added a book to my other reading goal. Although that second one is only at 7/12. Katie added one book as well. 

I found a band called InCrest that I checked out. They have a 90s grunge sound and aren't too bad. Not sure how much I'll listen to them though. Move really gotta be in the mood anymore for that sound.

In the kitchen, Katie crafted some rainbow sprinkle cookies, a new tortilla soup recipe, and Play-Doh. Sure, that last one isn't an edible recipe but it was basically all cooking ingredients. Does that count?

Oh yeah, Macro Monday is going strong. 

How are your goals going?

man, I'm still stoked about my step goal!


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Well done on your step goals!! I'm currently aiming to gulp down as much coffee as humanly possible since I'm not pregnant anymore. I am excelling at this new goal of mine. (Also it helps me to stay awake.)


Awake is good. Especially if kiddo would otherwise be awake without you.

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