Have you ever been a fan of something that makes absolutely no sense given that you're not a fan of anything similar?

Okay, that wasn't worded well at all, was it? Let me try to break this down with some examples...

You hate country music. Cannot stand it. Yet, for some weird reason, you cannot help but listen with agonizing joy when, say, Kenny Rogers gets played.


You couldn't give a fig about science fiction movies as a general rule. But you love Starship Troopers. Just that one film. None of the rest.


Fantasy books are the bane of your existence. You cannot handle these unrealistic worlds with their supernatural characters and fantastical beasts. Still, though, you make it a habit of reading The Hobbit once every few years. Who knows how that tradition started?

Why do you have these outliers? But you get my point now, right?

This is happening to me right now. I have this thing that keeps me from truly liking quirky TV shows. By "quirky," I mean ones that have seemingly nonsensical elements to them or characters with weird traits. It's a hard thing to explain but it makes sense to me. Also, I don't have that great a luck with anything David Lynch does. I've tried. I've really, really tried. Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, etc. (Note: I have not yet watched Dune).

For some reason, though, I've been taking great joy in watching Twin Peaks lately on Netflix.


I see some of the elements wound together by Lynch and, taken by themselves, I'd probably hate them. But together they work. And they make this show so much fun. I'm not that far into the original series, but I can easily see myself tearing through them all. Hopefully in time for next year's revival on Showtime.

I just want to give everyone a thumbs up. Is that normal?

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Marty Mankins

Just so you know, I've been meaning to comment on this post, but distractions galore.

Yes, that is normal. A lack of interest in general, but something about that one thing that gets you. I watched Twin Peaks years ago and loved it. But it's so long, I need to go re-watch the original series. My daughter watched it for the first time and she was hooked.

Most of the David Lynch movies take a good amount of views to sink in. Like Mulholland Drive finally started to make sense around the 5th viewing. Same with INLAND EMPIRE and Lost Highway (which the soundtrack is really good). I imagine that once I get around to re-watching the original series, I'm sure some things will find their way back to my memory banks.


Inland Empire? Never heard of it. And, honestly, I'm not sure I have the patience to give movies like Mulholland Drive five chances. That's kinda crazy to me when I haven't even seen all seven Star Wars movies more than once over the course of three years.

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