Table 2...

We don't just make kids hobby tables at Kasa Kapgar. We also re-finish dining room tables! Or, at least, we do now.

Check it out in phases. 


This is is the table top and pedestal half with claw feet attached pre-work.


Here is a half of the pedestal on the work table.


One stripped pedestal half beside an untouched half.


The tabletop pre-work. 


One stripped pedestal half next to one that is newly stained.


One stripped claw foot next to a pre-work foot.


Both finished pedestal halves and all four claw feet completely, er, completed. 


The finished tabletop under the sunlight. 


The finished tabletop with indoor lighting. 


The table reassembled in our kitchen with two leaves inserted. Please note that the leaves have not been refinished and I had not seen them before (they were in storage). The stain and polyurethane we put on the table so perfectly matches the leaves in their decades-old state that we don't need to do anything to them... yet. We will. 

So... side business?

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Nov 21
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Marty Mankins

As I commented on the finished photo you posted on IG, seeing all of the photos from start to finish shows this project was well executed.


Thank you! It was a lot of fun.

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