Like anyone else in the world, I hate spam email. Hate it.

But, unlike most anyone else in the world, I do have respect for clever or different means by which spam marketers get you to check out their crap. Be it the early days of using "re:" in the subject line to make it look like you initiated the contact and what they're sending you is simply a reply to newer methods like actually using names of real people from your address book (I still don't know how they mine that information).

This one that I got at work last week is a gem!

A sender name that is actually reflected in the reply-to address (these never match up, in case you haven't noticed).

Great subject line that doesn't use the now-cliched "re:".

A very simple body message that, if you have preview mode activated in iOS Mail or Outlook will show the whole darn thing and just hook you!


And now I really really want to know who my father is!!!


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