What's in the news?

Trump confirmed as president.

Clinton loses more votes in Electoral College than Trump.

Russian ambassador assassinated in Turkish art museum.

Terrorist attacks in Berlin.

Philippine president has killed nearly 1,800 drug dealers.

I read a spoiler about Rogue One.

How about something lighter? Some more of my #FunkoPhotoADay, perhaps?

Toys always make me feel better. You?


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Macro Monday 2016.51...

Dec 19
Another simple one for y'all last week. I think this next Macro Monday will be tougher but not ridiculously so. See you you in a week. One day after Christmas. Yikes.
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Dec 21
Like anyone else in the world, I hate spam email. Hate it. But, unlike most anyone else in the world, I do have respect for clever or different means by which spam marketers get you to check out their crap....


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