Macro Monday 2017.01...

December 2016 Goals...

Seeing as this is going to be my last ever goals recap post, I really want to make it a brief one. Let's test just how quick.

No books for Katie and I added two graphic novels.

I listened to Childish Gambino...


...and he made my Kevin's 7 list.

I finished strong with Macro Monday.

We made no new recipes that we remember.

I bombed out on my step goal with a mere 8,323 steps per day in December.

I'm so glad my goals are that much simpler this year and that I'm not reporting on them each month. It's a stressor. Who needs that?

The video challenge, though, should keep me nice and busy. I hope it's fun. 


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Marty Mankins

I look forward to the video challenge.


Me, too. I'm a bit afraid.

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