A couple towns east of here lies Cantigny Park. You may recall it from the Tom Hanks film A League of Their Own as the home of Garry Marshall's character league owner Walter Harvey.

In reality, it was originally the home of Joseph Medill and then was home to his grandson Robert McCormick, both were publishers of the Chicago Tribune. The latter was a Colonel in WWI who served in the Battle of Cantigny in France, hence the name of the park.

It's now a park, garden, museum, mansion, golf course, and... TANKS!

More specifically, WWI and WWII TANKS.

Unfortunately, most of the tanks were being cleaned up and the museum is closed until August, but we went anyway with my brother, SiL, and two nieces and had a lot of fun. 




BTW, did I mention TANKS? Including...


An M60 Patton.


An M41A3 Walker Bulldog.


An M5 Stuart.


And an M1 Abrams the kids could climb on. 

I'm not sure who had more fun.

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Marty Mankins

Love the photos you took. And Nathan's Heart Reaker shirt.


Thanks! And now you can see the full shirt or, at least, the missing part.

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