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Feb 12
Either whiffing glue is back in fashion or they've discovered a way to make meth using Elmer's glue because I'll be damned if I can find it anywhere these days. Nathan decided he wanted to make some of his slime...
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V-Day Haikus...

Feb 14
How about some holiday haikus for Valentine's Day? #1 Hearts, candy, and love. It's a feel-good day for some. For others? Pure hell. #2 Cupid shoots arrows to make strangers fall in love. But don't arrows kill? #3 I truly...


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Kazza the Blank One

See for last week's I would have said something like a mojito or some sort of icy cocktail. But I didn't stop to consider it's winter there...
This week's? A deformed paint brush??


Winter weather wouldn't stop me from having a mojito. Not at all.

Marty Mankins

Last week's had me thinking your wings that you made. I love Cool Ranch Doritos. I might have to macro view my food more often now, for a future Macro Monday.

This week's is a worn piece of wood, like from a fence or old bench.


Don't macro too much food. It might have you second guessing what you eat.

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