Many moons ago, I fell into a subscription to a professional magazine called Government Technology all about emerging tech for local and state governments.


I've been receiving this magazine for several years now and simply have to confirm my mailing information each year to keep it going. Costs nothing.

A week or so ago, I received the call from their marketing team to confirm my mailing address. So I did. No problem.

Five days ago, I got a second phone call to confirm.

Three days ago, I received a third call.

In both cases, I said that I already confirmed (it's an annoying process I'd rather not have to go through more than once).

Within three minutes of the third call, I got an email from them.

This is a group that claims to be on the leading edge of technology but cannot get their own tech sorted out enough to know they've already done this?

Oy vey.


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Marty Mankins

That's very annoying to have them repeat the confirmation. Right up there with trying to get tech vendors to respect your unsubscribe from 3 emails a day.


The lack of compliance to unsubscribe requests drives me crazy.

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