V-Day Haikus...

How about some holiday haikus for Valentine's Day?


Hearts, candy, and love.
It's a feel-good day for some.
For others? Pure hell.


Cupid shoots arrows
to make strangers fall in love.
But don't arrows kill?


I truly love Katie.
Always have and always will.
Not just on one day.


A family day
at LEGO Batman the film.
Holiday classic!


Nothing like heroes
battling villains on screen
to conjure romance.


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Feb 13
Last week's challenge photo made me hungry. Luckily I ate it shortly after taking the photo. I would not want to eat this week's challenge photo. Not at all. See you soon!
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Feb 15
As I stated in my Valentine's Day Haikus yesterday, Katie and I took Nathan to see the LEGO Batman Movie. We loved it! Honestly, it was great! In the spirit of openness, I was not a big fan of the...


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