Macro Monday 2017.10...


Have you ever woken up tired and then had two cups of dark roast coffee only to wind up more tired afterwards than you were when you started? Yeah, that's me right now.

The #WeekendWorkstation is back in effect this weekend.


I spent early yesterday morning at Starbucks and I'm sitting here early on Sunday at Panera Bread working. Just trying to get a leg up on what's coming up this next work week.

As Katie says, it's better to do it early on a weekend morning when she and Nathan are likely to be asleep anyway than do it in the afternoon or evening and miss time with them.

I'm a morning person anyway.

Well, generally speaking, I am. It's just not working out in my favor this morning. Woke up groggy and with a bad stomach ache. I think I finally got rid of the ache, but the haze is lingering bad. I just can't shake it.

So I may leave soon. I'm just not being as productive today as I was yesterday. When that happens, what's the point?

Besides, even if they're asleep, I miss them.


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Marty Mankins

I'm a morning person and have been for years. Sometimes the productive state needs a bit of a break, or so I like to think that's how it works to make me feel better about the lull days.


Mornings are my friend.

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