Nathan has become a junkie for LEGO Batman blind bag minifigures. He currently has all but one of them after working to earn them via good behavior and improvement in swimming lessons. 

This has taken him a few months to do. 

But in less time than that, several of these minifigures have gotten trashed. Not because he plays hard with them, but because they're just not well made. 

I had heard a rumor a couple years back that LEGO had outsourced their minifigure manufacturing from Western Europe to China or the like and that a cheaper grade of plastic was being used. This plastic makes joints go lax much faster, makes paint tinting inconsistent, and allows for damage to paint jobs much more readily from simple things like, say, removing helmets. 

Just take a look at poor Calculator. 


Nathan has only had this guy for two or three weeks. Tops. 

This should not happen. Especially considering how expensive they are to replace. 

C'mon, LEGO, I expect better from you.