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A week ago, my BlogBrother Marty Mankins of Banal Leakage started a new feature called "My Favorite Song" in which he highlights his favorite song from a musician or band. I liked the idea a lot, so I asked him if I could steal it and he said yes. At least I think he did. Let me check...

He did! He did! Here's the proof! 


And that explains the "/MFS" in my post title... My Favorite Song to be done in conjunction with Tu(n)esday as I see fit. Cool?

Back in 2001, I got really heavily into The Ramones for the second or third time in my life and I wanted to find more that was considered to be similar in nature but more modern. 

Somewhere on the web, I found a Chicago band called Alkaline Trio. I called around to some record stores but none had any of their three albums to date. So I found their label online and, being that it was 2001 and most independent record labels didn't have online sales or MP3 downloads, I called them to inquire about buying copies. They sold me all three albums and I had them a week later. 

I was a happy camper. "Stupid Kid," from the album From Here to Infirmary, was a particular favorite. Good rocker. Great energy. Just what I needed at this time.

I listened to it way too much. So much I got burned out and stopped listening to them for about a decade before slowly getting back into the groove. 

I got into my second AT phase around 2011. By now, they relocated to Los Angeles, signed with a new label, and all their stuff was available digitally. It was a new world. 

My favorite at this time was "Kiss You to Death" from My Shame is True. A lot more mainstream than their early stuff but still a great track.

I don't listen to them as religiously as I did back in 2001-02, but, every once in a while, I like to go on a mini-Trio bender. Today was one of those days. And that's why this post happened. 

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Marty Mankins

Awesome to see MFS on your blog. I used to listen to Alkaline Trio back some years ago. I think they played a Van's Warped Tour and I liked them enough to want to hear more. I don't recall the last time I heard their music, but from what I remember, it was good.


Some of their old stuff reminds me of a more serious Blink-182. It's good. And all their old stuff is on Spotify.

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