Nathan is watching The LEGO Movie again today. As I sat here watching it with him, it dawned on me that this movie is a more fun, family-oriented version of The Matrix.

(It's possible this has been covered by reviewers, fans, or bloggers in the past but, if so, I never saw it.)

Emmet lives his everyday existence in the world. He wakes up, goes to work, comes home, lather, rinse, repeat. Then, one day, he is introduced to a world that he never knew existed concurrently to his own. A world in which he is "The Special" who fulfills a prophecy to save this alternate universe and, by extension, his own. He doubts himself greatly in the beginning but quickly comes into his own when in a high-pressure situation.

To help him in his prophetic journey is Wyldstyle, a slightly antisocial, cyberpunk woman who is incredibly smart, able to fight off any sort of baddie, etc. There is romantic tension between her and Emmet throughout the film.

Also helping him is a sage named Vitruvius who knows, despite the protestations of everyone around him, that Emmet is The Special. He's also pretty badass in his own right. 

Standing in his way are Good Cop/Bad Cop, a cybernetic, throwaway bad guy who will not give up until The Special is ended and the uprising is quelled. 

Replace Emmet with Neo, "The Special" with "The One," Wyldstyle with Trinity, Vitruvius with Morpheus, and Good Cop/Bad Cop with Mr. Smith and you've got The Matrix.

Seriously. Think about it. 


"Come me with me if you want to not die!"

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Marty Mankins

Mind. Blown. I never saw that before, but now I have to go watch LEGO Movie again to see how it plays out like that.


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