If the spam folder of my primary email account is to be believed, I owe some women a lot of apologies. Check out these gems I found this morning...


I will ask my sister. My non-existent sister. I promise. But should I tell her this news comes from "Amanda" or "T.B"? I'm so confused. 


I regret I'm unfamiliar with "hook up." Never had the opportunity in my life. Honestly. 


8f8rnul (me, apparently)


Jackie, you told me you liked those pictures. What gives, girl?

Confused in love,

fxkjeyr (me, too, apparently)

Wow! I'm a terrible human being, aren't I? 

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May 17
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May 19
The other day, Kevin Spencer treated us to a rare, non-photo blog post asking us to rank five technology giants based on our likelihood of ever giving them up. I promised in his comments that this was going to be...


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Suzanne Apgar

Have you become a perve?


It would certainly seem that way

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