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Macro Monday 2017.24...

Jun 12
I actually only had two people submit guesses last week. Two!! Marty was closest with a stab at an NHL logo. It was, in fact... This week's should be easier. I hope. See you soon.
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Jun 14
Nathan is asleep and Katie is at the movies with the SiL so I decided to fire up an old favorite... Tombstone. To this day, my favorite western and one of the greatest action films ever. Kurt Russell is a...


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Marty Mankins

Apple Store, LEGOs and the bean. Looks like a second visit was awesome.

200 PTO hour accrued? That's quite a bit.


It's the max amount I'm allowed to accrue and rollover. So I need to spend some. May have to again soon.

Kazza the Blank One

Bean! Lego!


It's a win-win!!

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