TBT: Ronnie...


I know I'm a few years late to the game on this but I'm finally playing around with IFTTT. 

For those not in the know, IFTTT stands for IF This Then That. Meaning, when you take one action, it triggers another action altogether and automagically. 

For example, I used a pre-designed "recipe" in IFTTT that is set so when I post a new photo to Instagram, it automatically posts it so the photo displays in a Tweet instead of the default style determined by Twitter which is a link to the photo. 

Then I created my first custom recipe to alert me via push notification when the iOS version of the Tweetbot 4 app goes on sale ($10 is ridiculous, folks). 


I also created a second custom recipe that is set to take any photo posted to my Instagram account with the hashtag #YonduOnTerra and send it via email to a new blog I created.


I miss my old Stormin' Norman blog and wish I'd never deleted it. Yondu On Terra will be around for a while and may get a visit from ol' TK-421 now and again.

So I created the IFTTT recipe and a hastily assembled responsive blog and... the recipe works. But I'm still tweaking the recipe a bit and I need to do a lot more work to the blog before I'll share it.

But I will. 

I promise. 

A blog that I don't ever have to think about writing for because it will already have been done by my Instagram photo post? It's a win-win, I tells ya!


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