Have I ever told you about my Darth Maul'd Mickey Mouse figure? No?

First, by "Darth Maul'd," I mean that the poor guy was halved at the waist just like Darth Maul at the end of his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. This bit...

One day, when I was working at Aurora University, I came into my office and something out of place caught my eye. I'm very good at remembering where things belong and readily notice when they're not in their proper place. 

I took a moment to take inventory of my desk and that's when I saw this (or, more precisely, a 13-year-old facsimile of this)...


I thought it rather morbid that someone would bury a Mickey Mouse face down in the dirt of my desk plant. So I grabbed him to take him out and that's when I discovered it was just the lower half. No torso, arms, or head. 

Even more morbid. But I loved it and never got rid of it. Mickey Maul is still in that same plant to this day. Yes, the plant is a decade and a half old now. 

I never did find out who did it. I guessed that custodial staff was messing with me but could never prove it. 

Well played, Mystery Mickeyer. Well played. 


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hello haha narf

my mom once found a crucifix with a jesus who is missing his arms. she kept it and told me that you have to hug jesus because he can't hug you. mom died in 2006 and i still have armless jesus.
i found a superman toy that sits in my medicine cabinet. he's the man of the house.
LOVE that you kept your half mickey! you rock.


So you have a Jesus that is akin to the Statue of David? That's cool. Especially with the add-on of your mom's request. Very cool. You rock, too.

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