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I was checking out Facebook when I came across this gem from 2011 that was created by the splendid LeSombre. It's his homage to Reservoir Dogs featuring all his geeky friends. I was honored to be counted amongst them.


And I'm the only one who seems completely unhinged from his body not having even a Homer's worth of hair to top off the image. Heh heh.


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The thing that always strikes me about this image is how tall I am in it. And how short Whall is. :-)


I had noticed that about you as well. However, I've never met Wayne to know how tall he is.

Marty Mankins

Oh wow. This is a nice throwback post. I recall this quite well and proud to have been a part of it.

In response to Mr Whall, he is quite tall (at 5'9", he towers over me).


How tall are you?

Marty Mankins

In my comment above, I'm 5"9". It appeared that I said Wayne was 5'9". I'd guess Wayne is at least 6'1"


Gotcha. Yeah I misinterpreted it as a Wayne being 5'9" and you shorter than that. I'm just shy of 6'1".

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