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Macro Monday 2017.38...

Sep 18
I was really worried about last week's Macro Monday challenge photo. I literally had someone guess it correctly within a minute of posting. But then no one else got it. Yup. A barrette. Not so tough, was it? How about...
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Sep 20
Remember a while back when I asked if #YonduOnTerra could be my new #StorminNorman? Well, I took one giant leap towards legitimizing it. I made a new blog. Say hello to Yondu On Terra, a site dedicated to my Yondu...


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Kazza the Blank One

Your instagram inserts don't show up in the RSS feed :(:(


They do for me on Feedly. What are you using?

Kazza the Blank One

I'm using "The Old Reader", a web based system based on the old Google news reader..


Weird because Feedly is based off Google Reader, too. Yours must just not like IG.

Suzanne Apgar

He's had a wonderful year, full of love which has been received and given! We love that little bugger so much!


He is a great kid.

Kevin Spencer

How great to look back on the year like this. Make the absolute most of each and every opportunity because before you know it you'll be like my wife and I going "how the heck is this the first day of high school for her?". Please do these year retrospective posts ever year mate.


I like them and think I will. Thanks!


Aww, happy birthday to Nathan! That shark one made me LOL!


It was a fun one to take.

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